African Dance

2nd WEEKEND (17-18/7) – 3 HOURS/DAY
18:00 – 21:00, “DE LA SALLE” SCHOOLS (ANDREA KARGA 12 – 14)

Introduction in West African Dance

The workshop will be held with live music
Percussionists: Manolis Kabouris & Christos Adamidis

Participants will have the opportunity to familiarise themselves with West African dance moves and choreography especially from Guinea, accompanied by live African music (Djembe, Doundoun).

A few words about African dance
In Africa, just like in most primitive societies, rhythm is intertwined with every aspect of life.
African dance movements are inspired by daily activities and natural elements and are observed in social events and rituals. African dance moves are repetitive and cyclical αaccompanied by the rhythm of percussion instruments; the rhythm that connects straight with our heartbeat. The intense rhythmic steps let us connect with the Earth and receive all Earth’s beneficial properties. Our sternum opens and closes releasing negative emotions with joy and pleasure replacing them. As we work on all three levels (low-middle-jumps) and speed alternates, we feel invigorated and energised while enjoying a full-body workout with singing and vocals bringing an additional but basic element of self-expression.
Finally, through repetition our movement becomes more relaxed while our joints and energy centres get unlocked so that we are enabled to trust and connect with our body and, consequently, with our soul, mind, self and surrounding environments.

The workshop consists of:
– Warm-up
– African dance movements (patterns)
– Chorography – singing
– Stretching and relaxation

* Please bring your light sneakers for this workshop

Ages: 12+
Level:  All levels

Vivi Kappa
Vivi Kappa has been teaching African dance to children, young people and adults since 2009.  She has been studying African percussion and African dance since 2003 and has attended intensive African dance lessons and seminars in Greece, Guinea (West Africa) and Mexico. Her instructors were M’Bemba Bangoura, Lamin Keita, Moise Kourouma, Oumar N’ Diaye, Mamadama Camara, Fanta Dembele, Namary Camara, Aisha Toure, Mamadou Dian Camara, Animata Toure and Byshara Shokolate amongst others. She has also participated in Afro-Brazilian dance workshops – Orishas with Nando Zambia, Irineu Nogeuira and Carlos Ujhama.
She learned African and Greek traditional percussions from Leuteris Grigoriou, as well as African xylophone (Balafon) from Alya Dioubate (Guinea).
Vivi studied Sociology at Panteio University (BSc) and completes her MSc degree from Dimokriteio University, Thrace. Her MSc degree title is: “Sports Tourism and Recreation, Event Organisation / Planning / Management, Dance” with a specialisation in Dance.
She also has completed the education in “Chororythmic therapy through Art of Primitive Expression” at the French school of Dance therapy under the supervision of Dr France Schott Billmann, biologist, psychologist, psychoanalyst and dance therapist.
She has been a performer-animateur since 2000 (street theatre, stilt- walker, creative drama and play, fire dance) and has performed in a number of dance, musical and theatrical ensembles in Greece and Mexico.

African Dance – Vivi Kappa

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