Daigle and
Špela Vodeb

Icarian games:
Technique, research and mobilization

1st WEEK (12-16/7) – 2 HOURS/DAY
19:30 – 21:30, Football pitch – “DE LA SALLE” SCHOOLS (ANDREA KARGA 12 – 14)

Icarian games: Technique, research and mobilization

A technical training will be offered alongside with mobilisation and research exercises. Basics and pure technique will be explored equally as a choreographic work of integrating movement in the lifts. In fact, we are interested in melting dance and Icarian games, notably how to include a floor work in the going up and down of the icarian, how to invert the relationship between porter and flyer, how to find a freedom of movement in a technique that can sometimes be stiff and gymnastic. We like to see the teaching of Icarian games in a similar perspective as teaching dance, without neglecting the technique that is inherent to Icarian games. In a group context, we also like to suggest lifts, passing through and transfer exercises that incorporates many duos.

Ages: 16+
Levels: Semi-professionnal/Professionnal

Špela Vodeb

Špela Vodeb, member of the company Un loup pour l’homme since 2015.
Born in Slovenia, after graduation in 2010 at SEAD – Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance, she kept challenging her being outside the motherland, widening her living environment to the entire European area.
She has built her career around international collaborations with artists and companies such as Joan Ramon Graell Gabriel and Joan Arqué Solà, Milan Tomášik & Co, Guy Nader⏐Maria Campos, Enclave Arts del Moviment & Roberto Olivan, Atempo Circ, Tomaž Simatović.

Christine Daigle

After fifteen years of classical ballet training and a college education in photography in Montreal, Christine graduate from l’Ecole de danse contemporaine de Montreal in 2014. Her work started with O Vertigo Company (2014/CA). Her curiosity for acrobatic movement and lifts was nourished and developed by the foundation of the company Ici’bas (2015/CH), who’s work combine dance, circus and performative arts. Through diverse collaborations, the company traces its path between alternative venues, nature, cities and the black box of theaters. The diversities of forms, contexts and mediums enriches the process to treat and question common themes such as the relation we have with nature, with our nature and with each other. She also collaborates as a flyer and dancer with circus/dance companies such as Cirqu’en Choc with the creation Scintilla (2016/CH), with the director Claudel Doucet in the piece Que nous soyons (2017/CA), Un loup pour l’Homme in Rare Birds (2020/FR) and social actions, Tumbleweed in the creation A very eye (2021/BE) and as a member of the collective for the sustainable circus show Branché (EU/2021).

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