From Idea
to Act-ion

2nd WEEK (21/7) – 3 HOURS
18:00 – 21:00, TARSANAS, Iroon Polytexniou 50

From Idea to Act-ion

How do I move from nothing to something?

Melachrinos Velentzas will share his experience in the field of independent production through practical examples of Lemon’s shows between land and sea since 2018.
This experiential theatre workshop aims to bring up the participants’ wonderings and concerns regarding their own ideas.
Starting from silence and pause and by employing theatre techniques and live music, we will focus on the way we design an idea from scratch, the role of vision and the importance of collaboration and teamwork.
The workshop will take place in the alternative setting of Tarsanas Shipyard, one day before Lemon’s performance at the same place.

Target audience:
To artists
To those who want to put ideas into action
To everyone

Photo credit: Haris Germanidis

Melachrinos Velentzas | Actor / Pianist / Producer

He is an International and European Studies graduate (University of Piraues). He has attended the Cultural Management Postgraduate Program at Panteion University. He also holds postgraduate diploma in Marketing, Consumption & Society, which he attended as a Limerick University scholar (Ireland). He presented his diploma thesis at Carleton University (Ottawa, Canada) titled “The function of music in advertising”. He has worked in cultural spaces creating and developing their identity.
His relationship with music and piano started at the age of six with classical studies and advanced music theory lessons, which were followed by jazz improvisation and harmony courses.
In theatre, he works as an actor, musician and producer. He has attended seminars with Thomas Moschopoulos, Michael Marmarinos, Eleni Skoti and others.
In 2018, he founded his own production company. Lemon, where he co-stars as the virtuoso pianist 1900, is his first production. The play (based on Alessandro Baricco’s monologue Novecento) travels around Greece since 2018 as a site-specific performance literally being presented between land and sea.
He conducts the experiential theatre workshop “From Idea to Act-ion”, where he focuses on independent production and communication using a mix of theatre techniques, music, academic theory and practical experience through a holistic approach.

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