Lucio A.

Creation workshop + performance of the participants

1st WEEK (12-16/7) – 3 HOURS/DAY
16:00 – 19:00, “DE LA SALLE” SCHOOLS (ANDREA KARGA 12 – 14)

Sensitive Memory: Creation workshop + performance of the participants
Contemporary dance + acrobatics technique + theatre tools

We invite you to the open presentation of the workshop “Sensitive memory” by Lucio A. Baglivo on Friday 16/07 at the “DE LA SALLE” SCHOOLS (ANDREA KARGA 12 – 14) at 18:00.
(Free entrance)

Sensitive Memory: It´s a path that I can cross being aware, re-creating and renewing the relationships I´ve established with time, space, my body, my thoughts and my sensations.

From sensations to shapes
From the inside to the outside

This workshop seeks to find an expression of the unique movement of each participant by articulating tools of contemporary dance, contact mechanics, theater and acrobatics in a creative and playful way.
This time with the goal to perform what´s been worked during the week the last day of the workshop.
We will play with concrete improvisation guidelines so as to be conscious of where within ourselves we are coming from, from where we are doing what we do, with the intention that this awareness allows us to know where our focus is and what relationships we are establishing when we improvise; and so we can dive as deep as possible into the development of an idea with a clear direction in search of a particular universe. The objective is to immerse ourselves in a Methodology, in a “way of doing”, that gives us a structure to make coherent decisions based on each improvisation we make; and thus understand what we are generating and transmitting and at the same time feel free to play within this creative world. We will try to move in connection with our thoughts and sensations, paying attention on what we are thinking and feeling while we move, in order to reach a complete, opened, available body while moving. These tools will be used as a vehicle to open a wide range of possibilities of expression that will be awakened by self-exploring and connecting with our undiscovered, hidden or blocked capacities of expression. The main objective of this workshop is to create a Senstive Memory: an opened and flexible path in which we can re-create from the sensations and the intentions and, through them we can give shape to our movements along the ending performance of the workshop.
We will focus one-on-one exercises but we’ll also participate in group and individual activities .
Directed to anyone who is interested in the movement and the search for its particular expression.

Ages: 13 +
Levels: All levels

Photo credit: Barbara Crosetti, Alberto Romo, Marcello Capotosti, Florencia Velasques

Lucio A. Baglivo
I work as a dancer, acrobat, actor, dance teacher and director / choreographer.
I was a federated gymnast from 1987 to 1992 and Metropolitan Champion of sports gymnastics in 1990 and sub-champion in 1989.
Since 1999 I start to train at the Circus School La Arena and contemporary dance and theater with different teachers in Argentina and Spain. From the year 2000 until today I work for different companies of theater, circus and dance in Argentina and Europe.
I start to make my own creations from the year 2006. Since 2007 I live in Madrid, Spain. So far my projects have been presented in different countries such as Germany, Turkey, Argentina, Holland, USA, Greece, Denmark, Chile, Spain and Italy.
The objective of my works is to achieve a scenic work that, through dance, acrobatics and theater, transmits emotions and connects with the viewer, enhancing all the senses on stage. Each project seeks a language of its own movement and a particular stage poetics.
In May 2015 I premiered my project “Solo Juntos” at the Umore Azoka Festival in Leioa, in the Basque Country, Spain. Since then “Solo Juntos” performs more than 70 performances at different festivals in Spain and the rest of the world. In August 2019 “Solo Juntos” performed in Brazil for the first time. My last project “MyL” ,created with the flamenco dancer Mariana Collado, premiered also at the Umore Azoka Festival in Leioa, Basque Country in May 2019 and later on was invited to perform at Art ort Festival in Heidelberg, Germany and MasDanza Festival in Canary Islands. The long version MyL (2.0) premiered in Madrid last november and in the Teatro Victoria also in Canary Islands.
I work as a director and teacher teaching acrobatics, dance, and lead the Contemporary and Creation Workshop Lucid Motion for different companies and schools of circus and dance conservatories of Spain, Germany, Brazil, Greece, Switzerland, Italy, Belgium and Argentina.

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