Handstands Techniques

2nd WEEKEND (17-18/7) – 2 HOURS/DAY
12:00 – 14:00, “DE LA SALLE” SCHOOLS (ANDREA KARGA 12 – 14)

Handstands Techniques

Panos believes that handstand encloses most of the body potential, a challenging pose that includes all the rest. Handstand reflects the individual’s processes, through the observation of ourselves into the pose, creating a deeper understanding and, eventually, a new foundation.
Handstand is an advanced asana that requires a lot of dedication and focus to achieve. In this workshop, Panos will guide us through all the steps towards handstanding, exploring all the different elements, which constitute this amazing posture, facing our fears and better understanding the self along the way.
You will receive a full spectrum of exercises, taking you from beginners all the way to balancing in the middle of the room.
This two-day seminar will teach the techniques and sub-elements that cultivate the foundation of handstand. The core is a complex muscle group that joins body parts. Through its proper use, we find the way to make the body light and weightless. The foundation of handstands is the understanding of the core and its function into the pose. Panos will guide us through symmetrical and asymmetrical variations of the handstand, focusing on shoulders mobility, understanding the center of gravity, function and protection of the wrists, as well as counter/releasing poses.

DAY I: Symmetrical variations – Press-ups
The foundations of handstanding: core understanding and function. Setting the foundation: shoulder mobility and wrists protection. Understanding the center of gravity. Counter poses and release techniques in couples.

DAY II: A-symmetrical variations – Kick-ups
The next level: kicking up, balancing and bail-out away from the wall. One-arm handstand preparation. Counter poses and release techniques in couples.

Ages: All ages
Levels: All levels

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Panos Katsandris

Through yoga, Panos finds the connection to the simplicity of life. Understanding the restless human nature and mind’s mechanism, he believes in his mission to change the world through yoga.
Graduated as Civil Engineer with postgraduate studies in Architecture and Musician, he approached yoga in a scientific way of thinking, which set him facing major challenges.
He specializes in Vinyasa Yoga and Handstands, considering them fundamental, both physically and spiritually. His classes are dynamic and focused on breathing and self-concentration, leading to a meditative state of peace.
He started in 2009 with Astanga Vinyasa, with David Swenson video, before he moved to Vinyasa and accomplished the first 200hrs Vinyasa Krama teacher training, in 2011 in New York City. Through Iyengar Yoga he also realized the depth of physical awareness. In 2014-2016 he was introduced into Shiva Rea Prana Flow system, completing the 300hrs training and being an assistant on her teacher trainings.
He is the founder and head teacher of Evergreen Yoga Studios in Athens which sustain a healthy community of 200 hundred practitioners. Author of “Yoga Asana-Ideas for Practicing and Teaching”, yoga business consultant and undergraduate in Gestalt psychology therapy.
He is passionate about sharing his practice in workshops throughout in Greece and abroad.

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