Akropoditi Dancetheatre

Once upon
a port...

Friday 09/07 (PRE-OPENING EVENT) and Monday 19/07
19:30,  Tannery Kornelakis-Dendrinou (Ir. Politechniou 98, Ermoupoli)

Once upon a port
Dancetheatre events based on poems from Mediterranean countries

Poetic works by male and female poets from various Mediterranean countries were the inspiration for five dancetheatre events presented by the Akropoditi Dance Theatre. Dance runs through symbolic elements of movement and language and around concepts such as sea, homeland, time, freedom and love.

Choreography: Ariadni Psychogiopoulou
Performers: Angeliki Ageletaki, Antigoni Choundri, Eleanna Kotsikou, Anna Mavropoulou, Eftychia Panopoulos, Mandy Papandreou, Vivi Sklia
Text: Somaya El Sousi – النوارس بوابة البحر / The seagulls, gate of the sea (Palestine)
Music: Panagiota Xidi, Andreas Politis

Choreography: Thalassini Nomikou
Performers: Anna Mavropoulou, Mandy Papandreou, Vivi Sklia
Text: Yiannis Ritsos – Η Σονάτα του Σεληνόφωτος / Moonlight Sonata (Greece)
Recorded voice: Thalassini Nomikou

Choreographed and performed by: Antigoni Choundri
Katerina Iliopoulou – Μάθημα Ακινησίας / Immobility Lesson (Greece), recorded voice: Angeliki Sigourou
Sophia de Mello Breyner Andresen – Ha mulheres que trazem o mar nos olhos / There are women who bring the sea in their eyes (Portugal), recorded voice: Ana Cardoso
Sophia de Mello Breyner Andresen – Mar / Sea (Portugal), recorded voice: Dina Duque
Maria Costa – Colapisci (Sicily), recorded voice: Samuele Livornese
Ignazio Buttitta – Nun Mi Lassari Sulu / Don’t leave me alone (Sicily), recorded voice: Laura Angeli and Samuele Livornese
Solomon – שִׁיר הַשִּׁירִים‎ / Song of Songs (Old Testament), interpretation: Talya G. A. Solan
Introductory text: Antigoni Choundri
Live music – Improvisation: Georgia Litsa – Santur
Sound editing: Christos Adamis
Music composition and sound editing: Apostolis Maris, Antigoni Choundri (clarinet, bedir, ney, oud and hang)
Sculptures (“Time” and “Awaiting”): Antigoni Choundri

Choreography: Mandy Papandreou
Performers: Angeliki Ageletaki, Eleanna Kotsikou, Vivi Sklia
Text: Nazim Hikmet – Ne güzel şey hatırlamak seni / What a beautiful thing to remember you (Turkey), translation to Greek by Petros Markaris
Music: La forêt – Warren Ellis, Halfaouine (Anouar Brahem) – Ali Omar El-Farouk
Recorded voice: Vangelis Skamagas

Choreography: Mandy Papandreou
Performers: Angeliki Ageletaki, Antigoni Choundri, Eleanna Kotsikou, Anna Mavropoulou, Eftychia Panopoulos, Vivi Sklia
Texts: Giorgos Seferis – Μέρες Ε / Days-diaries (Greece), Khaled Raouf – Κούκλα της θάλασσας / Sea doll (Egypt)
Music: Leila Au Pays Du Carrousel – Anouar Brahem, Rahil – Khaled Mouzanar, Destined for great things – Nick Cave & Warren Ellis
Recorded voice: Yiannis Smarnakis

Duration:  60 minutes


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