Florence Peyrard


Wednesday 14 & 21/07
22:00, Tannery Kornelakis-Dendrinou (Ir. Politechniou 98, Ermoupoli)

Grief – France
Florence Peyrard in collaboration with Max Gozy

A woman is drinking tea in a quiet winter garden. 

Time and space around her become blurred, she dives in her inner world, a fantastic wild winter forest.
A place where the pain of grief will transcend her body and give voice to the ghost she carries. 

About the film
Grief original idea takes root in the discovery of Clarissa Pinkola Estés’ book Women Who Run With the Wolves (ed. 1989). And from the strong desire to share a certain vision of mourning through wilderness.
Max Gozy supported these intuitions with his imagination and his sensitivity towards camera work.
Grief unveils two different frames – a wild winter forest opposing a realistic domesticated winter garden. As the character’s mourning surfaces, both situations will merge due to the power of the character’s trauma.
This short movie visually captures the state of confusion of grieving through a singular poetic language supported by the medium of contemporary dance.
Grief invites the public to enter a fantastic reality where time loosens up to let the memories and the ghosts we cherish arise.

Max Gozy

Duration: 3 minutes

Florence Peyrard
Writer, artistic director, choreographer, editor

Florence Peyrard is a French multidisciplinary artist.
She first discovers her love of the stage in 2012, in an Opera Bastille’s production (Paris, France): “Chat Perché, opéra rural” in 2012 (director C. Gautier, composer JM Singier, choreo D. Boivin).
Autodidact, she experiments expression through contortion, contemporary dance, acting and singing. In 2017, she graduates with a Master’s Degree in Sociology specialized in Gender Studies – her master’s thesis highlights the practices of contortion through a gender analysis.
Florence takes part in multiple scenic forms: operas (2019 Opéra Comique Paris for “Ercole Amante” of V Lesort & C Hecq), contemporary circus (2021 creation “Le Puits” J Scholl, 2018-19 international tour with “Scala” of Y Bourgeois), theatre (2021-22 creation Ici Même Company)
In 2020, she directs her first short movie. Written in collaboration with Max Gozy, Grief is the result of the fusion of their imaginaries & artistic aspirations.

Max Gozy
Writer, director of photography, editor

Born in Brussels, Max grew up in Paris where he received professional training in the visual arts in different institutions, in particular at the Ecole des Gobelins in Paris. Meanwhile, he worked in various cultural sectors – theater, musical, cinema, contemporary art – in technical positions (machinist and flight choreographer).
He directed his first short movie in 2017, and then followed other work from fiction to experimental, from dance to documentary. Max also appreciates the art of photography, a medium he practices spontaneously in the street or during shootings. Whatever the tool, Max bases his work on a sensitive approach in collaboration with different artists or personal projects.

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