2nd Week (15-19/7) – 2 hours/day
10:30-12:30, DANCE CENTRE CLASS 1

Contact Improvisation

We get lost in the dance, and we like it. Getting lost can be a break from planning, controlling, wanting. It can be a break from responsibility, from being oneself. We stop guiding, and become available… for what? Someone or something in there is sensing and responding, while I become the observer in my own actions…
This will be a Contact Improvisation workshop, composed of: exercises and tasks suggested by teacher, questions of the participants and where the answers will lead us to, and dancing while being mentored, with the intention of practicing what has already been worked on. The goal of the workshop is acquiring knowledge, experience and skills, so that after the participants can autonomously and safely continue exploring: either alone, in couples or in CI jams/festivals.
This workshop will be of physical nature. It can serve as an introduction to CI or as a continuation of the research, so all levels are welcome. Come with your shoulders and knees covered and bring your knee pads if you have them.

Jurij Konjar

Jurij Konjar was born in Ljubljana in ’78. He trained Judo and practiced singing from an early age, then began dancing with ballroom competitions. In 2007 he suffered a head injury that shifted his focus towards the potential of the present moment. In 2009, an in-depth observation of Steve Paxton’s Goldberg Variations video triggered what became an ongoing improvisation practice and provided a basis for a rich ongoing dialogue. Some of his performances are Goldberg Variations (2010), For Juliano Mer-Khamis (2013), Still (2014) and a collective work Monday at eight (2017). Collaborating with Steve Paxton, he has performed Paxton’s work Bound (1982), Flat (1964) and Quicksand (2016). His own research is deeply informed by Contact Improvisation and Lisa Nelson’s Tuning Scores practice

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