AVDP on TouR

- Meeting Night

Tuesday 9/07
21:30, Plastico Gallery

AVDP on TouR – Meeting Night

AVDP on TouR is an attempt to bring to the fore the art of videodance in Greece and abroad by introducing this complex art form to the local and international audience. Each year, after the festival is done AVDP on TouR program starts!
AVDP on TouR collaborates with local dance festivals and organisations such as One Small Step – Urban Dance Festival (Corfu), Clusters – ARTiria (Lefkada), Dance Days (Chania), Small Festival of Dance (Hydra), Dance Days (Naxos), Akropoditi DanceFest (Syros) and others, by offering screenings of a special edition of videodance works, lectures and workshops.
AVDP on TouR is also interested not only to promote the contemporary videodance creations of professional artists, but also to strengthen the network betweenartists from various fields, who can found meeting points in videodance form. For the above reasons, since 2013, AVDP started collaborating internationally with other videodance & film festivals such as Loikka (Helsinki), Cinedans (Amsterdam), L’Aternativa (Barcelona) and others.

Duration: 45 minutes

Projections Schedule

HANNAH – Portrait number 6 of XXY [ɛks/ɛks/wʌɪ] | Direction: Clotilde Rullaud | Choreogra- phy: Clotilde Rullaud and the Shanghai Jin Xing Dance Theatre | FR | 7’
Remains | Direction / Choreography: Vasilis Arvanitakis | GR | 1’
Adieu | Direction: Jay Cheng | Choreography: Eva Urbanova | CZ | 7’
escape shadows (from Athens) | Direction: Antonis Rozakis | Choreography: overlap | GR | 3’
Hey Man / A Move Called Mess | Direction / Choreography: Gian Angelos Fuerza Negra | GR | 4’
Anasa | Direction: Maja Zimmerlin, Thomas Delord | Choreography: Maja Zimmerlin | BE | 4’
What is apparatus | Direction: Dimitra Tzanou | Choreography: Eleni Kanavou | GR | 5’
Hic et Nunc | Direction: Emma Cianchi | Choreography: Angelo Parisi | IT | 6’
Chromosoma | Direction: Sonia Kechagia | Choreography: Vicky Angelidou | GR | 5’
Silence | Direction: Sofoklis Kiourtzoglou | Choreography: Maria Moschou | GR | 1’
BANG | Direction: Jan Vesala | Choreography: Antoinette Helbing | DK | 1’

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